Changing Perceptions

Dec 13, 2017

It all started when once on vacation in Singapore, the local waiter there made all the Indian tourists sit separately. When one of the tourists inquired, he commented, “You Indians disturb our privacy.” This came like a blow to that Indian tourist, and she made up her mind to change the perception about Indians among others. With this mission in mind, I became a certified Image Consultant to reach the masses

Being a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, I emphasize that even though external appearance is only 10% change to any personality, it is a very crucial change to one’s personality because when the person looks good, he/she starts feeling good and eventually thinks good about himself/herself and the rest 90% which is self-confidence shows prominently; and it becomes more important now when we live in a fast-paced competitive world where it just takes 3 seconds to form the first impression of the person as in whether he/she is capable of making decisions, if he/she is trustworthy, intelligent, competent, credible, and last but not the least if he/she is professional. Image Management is creating the awareness about A-B-C-D of a person where A is for Appearance, B is for Behaviour, C is for Communication and D is for Digital Presence on social media. Even before we meet the person, we create a perception about that person by finding out about the person through social media. For the last 3 years, I have been changing lives of hundreds of people across cities and wanted to touch more lives. I have found immense support from my parents, husband, in-laws and friends who believed in my mission and encouraged me to take up and continue in this unconventional path.

They have throughout helped me in some way or the other. It has been very challenging to explain people the concept of Image Management and the importance to invest in themselves. Also, starting as a young entrepreneur, it becomes all the more difficult. Well, all these challenges only made me strive harder and think of innovative ways to overcome them. I am an active member of business networking group where we meet every week and share tips and ways to increase business. Also, I have collaborated with other Image Consultants, specialists like Nutritionists, Business Consultants, and Soft Skill Trainers and together we try to give the best to the society.

I do not consider myself a stylist who will give a particular look to the person but rather consider myself as someone who will change the self-esteem of a person internally which will show externally. I deliver the sessions in all three languages – English, Hindi and Marathi. I dream of reaching even in the interiors to change the image of India.

I inspire all the young people to take the step forward by saying, “Identify what you like and make a career out of your passion. Create your own identity and keep empowering others along the journey to help the society at large.”

Asmita Neve-Pawar

Asmita Neve-Pawar

Asmita Neve-Pawar is one of the youngest Image Consultants in India who has trained more than 3500 people.  She has done her Bachelors in Management and certified courses in Family Business Management, Personal Development and Image Management.

As an Image Consultant, she helps people look good, feel good, think good and do good. She is also a soft skills trainer and Neuro- Linguistics Programmer, where she helps people get over fears, phobia, beliefs and past memories, and helps a person to become confident.

She works with various age groups, rights from the age of 5 to 65 (Men-Women both). She has worked with educational institutions, small-scale Industries and corporate companies. She also coaches professionals, CEOs, to-be brides and grooms, and students to excel in their professional and personal lives.


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