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Nov 1, 2017

I was brought up by a single parent, I wanted to study and work hard. I wanted to succeed for all the struggle my mother put in bringing me up. I was a loner in childhood. Books and pen were my best friends. As a child, I loved writing poetry. Putting thoughts onto paper was my favorite pastime. That I would one day write a book was a distant thought.

And then one day, a story hit me. A real life story of true love; story of really living through a commitment called marriage when conflicts arise; story of balancing professional ambitions with personal responsibilities. In two minutes, I decided I would write this book. In six months, the book was written. In one year, it was out. “My Beloved’s MBA Plans” was born. My first baby came into existence.

The book received an amazing response. But I did not think of writing another one; not till another story hit me. The story of a disabled man who fought against all odds in life to really get where he wanted to be. The story moved me, touched me, transformed me. A collection of such stories became my second book, “Because Life Is A Gift”. My second baby was born. Not a day passes when someone does not write to me telling how this book moved them to tears and changed them forever. This will probably go down as the single biggest reason I came into this world for.

The third book was a well thought through book. As a writer, I wanted to experiment. I had never ever written humor in my life. I was a quite, silent girl known for her intellect than her humor. “Corporate Avatars” has been a fun ride for me to write. Each time I read it (and I have read it a 100 times now), I have laughed at every page. It’s a book totally relatable for anyone and everyone who has been into or is in the corporate world. The book has been compared to Dilbert and Sun Tzu. People from all professions, all levels, all industries are talking about it and laughing with it. My third baby has just come into the world to make people smile.

Writing a book is difficult and painful, just liking giving birth to a baby. From finalizing a name for it, to the cover to every sentence to the launch and marketing; everything drains and needs time and commitment. In the end, what keeps us going is that one review, one life touched.

People ask me which is my favorite book out of the three. I reply, “Can a mother choose between her children?”

My love for pen continues.

Disha Chhabra

Disha Chhabra

My name is Disha.  I work as a senior leader with Amazon India. I have over 11 years of corporate experience in companies like Paytm, . By passion, I am a writer. I have authored 3 books: “My Beloved’s MBA Plans”, “Because Life Is A Gift” and most recently “Corporate Avatars”. I am an alumna of IIM-Calcutta. My blog can be accessed at


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