The future of Leadership and hiring for the corner office has never been more challenging and diverse - for the incumbent of the corner office no longer fits into the conventional definition of just age, gender, experience and competencies.

Korner Office, our bespoke C-suite hiring solution is dedicated to working with superstar candidates to ensure they are the right fit.

The Way We Do It

The Korner Office Cohort

We believe there is limited space at the top and to navigate the last few rungs of the Corporate Ladder, even the best need a trusted partner in their journey.

There is a "by invitation only" cohort of Senor Leaders privy to:

  • Access to CXO level roles
  • Prep for the Big Meeting
  • Simplifying Psychometrics
  • Understanding Execution Compensation
  • Inroads into Corporate Boardrooms
  • 90 Day On boarding Plan for the New Assignment
  • Guest Speaking/Mentoring Opportunities
  • Building brand "YOU": Executive Presence, Digital Footprint, Preparing for the Korner Office
  • Purposeful Networking
  • Coaching Interventions