Nov 29, 2017

I was born in the small city called Nasik in a middle-class family with rich moral values. Like any other daughter, I was close to my father. I believe I have imbibed all positive aspects of my personality from my father. My mother has a strong personality.  She is a go-getter and I am just like her.  I have a younger brother.  We still don’t like to share stuff and still fight like children (have a strong bond though). We have a family business of consultancy, which was started by my parents and through their hard work it is ever growing. Since my college days, I have learnt a lot from our office and business. Since school times, I would accompany my dad when he would to meet his clients.  I would sit in the corridor for hours till his meeting got over, but never got bored as my dad always ensured before meetings to engage me in one or the other activity. During the time I used to wait for my father, I got my favorite snacks, which was worth waiting for.

I am a B. Com and an MBA in Finance and Human Resources. I got placed in Mahindra and Mahindra in Admin & HR for 3 years. I had a very good experience while working for corporate. I was basically into Plant Revenue Budget, Capital Budget, Manpower planning and implementing, with great guidance and lots of hurdles from lower and middle management.  I managed to cut down expenses and achieved savings which fetched me an award. I also got an opportunity to participate in making budget for auto sector level and made a presentation of the same. The tenure of Mahindra had many ups and downs and I learnt a lot during this period. I got a promotion after 2 years and in the third year when I was about to get my next promotion my marriage was fixed.

I decided to quit and thought of taking a break and understand my new family better, but taking a break was not in my nature. In Vashi, Navi Mumbai, where I started my new life I was taking tuition for grades 8-10.  Within a few months, I got a wonderful response.  I also got the good news that I was going to be a mom soon.  When everything was going so well, I was shaken by the news that the pillar of my life, my inspiration, mentor, guide, my best friend, my dad had passed away. I was completely broken. Then I pacified myself thinking he was the one coming back in my life again as my son. My life revolved around my son.  I also started to think of a venture with my two friends where I could manage both my career and my child.

Just when my venture was about to take off, I met with a terrible accident; so terrible that my entire left body was traumatized. It took me almost half a year to recover. My husband gave me a new life. He took care of me and my son. Everything he did was so overwhelming that he gave me strength to stand up again.

Despite all the disabilities that I had in my eye, hand and leg, with the immense support of my husband and my partners, we opened a venture called Kinder Castle International Preschool & Activity Centre.

We opened in 2014 and we are running successfully till now by God’s grace. We also received an award for achieving the highest number of students from Helen O’Grady International for effective implementation. Today I am also taking workshops for soft skill development in youth.

Well, that’s my long story made short…!!!

Vrushali Kulkarni

Vrushali Kulkarni

My Name is Vrushali Kulkarni.  I am 30 years old. I am an MBA in HR & Finance with a corporate experience of 3 years.  I am now an entrepreneur since the past 3 years in the field of education.  I am an educator for the kids from ages 3 to 18. I have launched my brand called Kinder Castle International preschool, daycare & activity center. I also take consultations for personal grooming.


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