Not a Wonderwoman, It’s me

Oct 11, 2017

My name is Pooja and I run a Food/Baking Blog at That and Professional Food Photography is my current passion. An artist by training, I bake and photograph to please the palate and the eyes! In my space (the blog) you will see all my artisanal expressions and many times glimpses of my life. I am a mother of two and a wife. My life runs between all these roles and I am very happy to be me. I started my Baking Blog as a creative expression. A good knowledge of food and an impeccable aesthetic sense helped me built my passion, and now I can’t imagine myself without my bliss.

Three years ago – I was a mom, a wife, and a housewife, and I was very busy making everyone very happy around me. Life was all about organizing the home, managing all the relatives/ relationships. I used to bend and twist my routine around their demands and needs.

If I rewind more and see, when I was in college, I was a brilliant Commercial Art student who loved her work. I remember those days when I used to work hard and used to keep awake whole night to finish the assignments. That phase of my life was fun, carefree, doing the things I loved, basically enjoying and indulging in the kind of work I wanted to and absolutely no responsibility. Maybe, we all have those days in our best memories piggybank.

When I got married and I had kids, my talent and my passion came to a halt and I became very busy in just being a good wife and a mom. Things were good, life was smooth. But somewhere inside – it didn’t feel right. What and why I had absolutely no clue. But for a good 11 years, I was a housewife. I am not using the phrase “I didn’t work” because a housewife works the most. I would simply say, I did not work for myself or on myself.

I remember a day sitting in a restaurant with my husband and one of his friends, I was introduced to blogging. They suggested me to start one. That moment a new path started and I feel very lucky to be there on that day. Also, I am very thankful for that day.

I knew baking and I was an artist. I mingled all the talents that I had into this blog. I started learning the technicalities, and today two and half years later I have come a long way. The very first appreciation and the very first acknowledgement on social media gave me little power and I started to build on that. I created a niche for myself out of nowhere and worked hard on improving it day after day. I am learning new things every single day, sitting at home with my laptop. I am getting work offers from this laptop.

I would like you all to remember that we are blessed to have technology with us. We are at a time where “sky is the limit”. Think, our mothers or grandmothers were never given any exposure though they worked their whole lives. So, ladies whatever you have or how much ever you have, start something of it. Look for your passion and when you find one brush-up your talent. For you .. you are the one.

This is a happy chapter of my life. But the fact remains is thatI am working from home and it does get difficult many times, but my promise to myself is I am not giving up. Every morning I get up with a new hope; no matter how bad yesterday was.

When they say …Work-Life balance… I think that does not exist. There is nothing like a balance in life… Every day is going to throw a new challenge at you (especially if you have children to look after) and my suggestion is don’t try to be a wonderwoman. If it’s kids or some other work, the whole family is responsible for everyday deeds. Learn to distribute responsibilities, the way you distribute all your happiness between your family. One bad day will not end all the good you have in you.

Our work or our profession will never reduce our love for my family. In fact, it flourishes our relationships, that’s what my husband says. I want every Indian man to understand these words because a happy home starts with a happy woman, not with a wonderwoman.

Pooja Khanna

Pooja Khanna

My name is Pooja Khanna. I run a baking blog with the name of I am a commercial artist. My interest areas have always been my art and baking. I have been working as a professional food photographer and stylist. It is a unique combination of my artistic inclination, infused in food photography. My blog has been awarded as the best baking blog India 2015/2016 by Food Blogger Association Of India. I wish to add more badges to my shirt in the coming years. Up till now #happybaking.


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