The feminine divine has always been powerful and persuasive – Manifestation of Fearless Leadership and the Eloquent Goddess!


A 3 day residential Program for Mid-Senior Women in Leadership roles, with a unique pedagogy – blending facilitator – led coaching  with Meditation, Yoga and Wellness to combine spiritual experience for the ultimate inner discovery – through the union of body, mind and soul.

The program helps participants look inwards into their blood memory for understanding and unlocking of the ancient female archetype towards visionary leadership.


Be a part of this deeply enriching, experience and discover the efficient and the effective, the Commanding & the nurturing, the code breaker & the Trendsetter – Enhance,  Empower and Energize the Leader within you.

Date: 19 - 22nd July 2017


Phone: 022 - 4222 8557 | 981 982 4477

Location: The Machan, Lonavala

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