TA Circles - Hiring @ Google: How it Works!

In today’s dynamic & challenging workplaces, Talent Acquisition specialists must constantly innovate to stay ahead in the game. In this scenario, it would be of help if they can turn to a support group which fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing. This could also evolve to be a mentoring ground for mid-level TA professionals to imbibe best practices.
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This forum will aim to:

  1. Showcase success stories
  2. Access to the collective wisdom of organizations with robust TA strategies
  3. Equip practitioners with skills for new age hiring
  4. Inspiring peer communities on TA to impact people, process or projects to discuss issues like:
    1. How to smartly address real life TA related challenges?
    2. How can TA specialists build their career?
    3. How to address people issues within TA?
    4. What to look out for in a recruiter — what development programs need to be offered
    5. Specific Coaching sessions for senior leaders in the recruiting space

Date: 8th June 2017

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