Through the Looking Glass

Whether we are a leader, a manager, or a team member – we all have certain ‘codes’ that lie deep within; these codes determine how we function within the society and workplaces.

With changing workforce dynamics, some competencies are now becoming key differentiators for organizations. One such differentiator is the competency to lead complex cultural teams successfully, while leveraging the differences each one of us bring to the table.

We present ‘Through the Looking Glass,’ an exploratory workout session on understanding what truly determines our behaviours and the impact they have on individuals and organizations.

To enable us to successfully do this, the first step is to reflect on patterns within us and around in the eco-system that impact our behaviours. With this awareness, we are able to appreciate how deep-seated beliefs, assumptions, and mind-sets impact our hiring process, team management, assigning projects, leadership development, gender differentiation, and identifying future leaders, amongst other people processes. While biases have been seen as taboo conversations, times are shifting and we are becoming open to explore and know more, in the process of building a more inclusive society and workplace

Key Take-Aways:

  • Deepen awareness of self
  • Understand patterns of biases within and around in the eco-system
  • Learn how unconscious bias impacts people processes in the organizations
  • Identify areas of personal influences within respective organizations to be more inclusive
  • Network and learn from others

Date: 14th June 2017

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