Reason men give for not letting their wife work, Reason why Indian women want to work.

Dec 21, 2017

What do men think? In modern era men want their wife to work, but they feel that women can get back to work after the kids have grown up.

Reasons given:

Many parents and men historically perceive it to be important for a woman to presume the role of taking care of the household, for the family to stay healthy, so they think that first she must ensure that their house is well managed.

Some perceive that – both the man and the woman going to work results in reduced time for focus on the family’s emotional, household and health needs, and is not healthy for the upbringing of children.

They are skeptical about the workplace demands like wearing short and provocative clothing, worrying about their neighborhood & society.

They feel its unsafe allowing them to roam around alone at evening or in dark at night for work.

They are worried about women spending too much time with their male colleagues and friends. Indian men get more jealous than Indian women.

Present scenario (Trend is fortunately beginning to change).

With changing trends a lot of middle-class families are giving in to financial pressures of raising a family and are beginning to accept the reality that both the members in a family earning salaries is better than just the man having to earn.

Although a lot of families now realize it is important for the woman to work too, even today there are several limitations a woman encounters, while balancing a career pursuit with family expectations.

For instance, it is always presumed that with the marriage of a guy and girl from different locations, a girl would inevitably give up her existing job and move in with the guy to his city and later look for a new job. This is true even in cities and in the case of highly educated families or women. The girl always gives up the job, the guy doesn’t. (This also works conveniently in most cases, given that the setup makes sure the girl always earns lesser and has a relatively inferior career to the guy even before the marriage is arranged and hence her career is relatively easier to disturb).

A lot of women also give up their jobs at childbirth for a year or two, to completely focus on the child’s upbringing. They might later look for a job again. Some never get back. Quite a few prefer otherwise too, but again, a lot of them feel it is very important for them to give up their jobs at least temporarily to be able to raise their child properly. Some unwillingly and some sportingly have given up to the classic expectations of a woman’s role in the Indian family.

In families that cannot afford a cook, the woman mostly does all the cooking everyday, and this means that she has to have a fixed work schedule and spare enough time at home to attend to such needs. A man can come home late, not the woman. (In the narrow-minded Indian joint family, a woman coming home late from work can add to problems).

Why do women want to work??

The issue starts when a husband does not financially and intellectually empower the wife during the stay-at-home phase and renders her completely dependent. As can be seen, newer generation has improved access to education for women also, but for the financial pinch they feel they better be independent.

They most definitely want to be contributing to the household income and having interactions with the world at large.

They want  freedom and financial security.  It is important for women to be financially independent even if their husbands earn enough.

It will be very good for them and their dependents. Suppose something happens to her husband, she will be somewhat confident in handling her life and take care of her dependents without panicking or collapsing in the middle and with no need to depend on anyone.

In Indian scenario newly married females feel that their mother-in-law or other family members have a nagging attitude  and that they don’t need to hear any harsh words from the relatives or anyone or tolerate their useless words.

She will get to know the real life, how to tackle problems and how to face it, and also she will have a chance of getting to know how her surrounding people are and who is the true one and who is not.


This is how Vishal Diwan has candidly curated his thoughts here while we here at Back to the front would like to hear your opinion on the same. We invite you views on the topic and would be happy to know more from you.


Vishal Diwan

Vishal Diwan

Vishal Diwan is a seasoned professional in IT hardware sales.  He is also associated with a charitable foundation which helps people in strained relationships by providing them free counseling.  He has done his MBA in International Marketing from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies.  Currently he is working as VP sales with Cache Digitech Pvt. Ltd.

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