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Nov 15, 2017

I am Divya Solanki, a Science Graduate from Nagpur University not with star percentage, basically from Kanpur and now in Mumbai for last 10 years. Interesting thing is I was born on Valentine’s Day which until class 10th I didn’t know existed!

Worked for Avitaion industry where I was in night shifts forced me to leave everything and relax for some time with my family, but I was always looking for something related to my interest and then I joined The Wedding Academy for a 6-month course of Wedding Planner and I met Viral, who is passionate to such an extent that he had done all the base work before joining the course. He already designed website with the name “AVSAR”.

We decided to nurture AVSAR and the journey started. Until some time Viral was active but then men’s urge of earning bread and butter for family made him join theatre where is is doing good, but AVSAR became my priority.

We believe in taking fun seriously and enjoy designing events for the clients. We are doing Destination Wedding in Goa for a very dear client who is also wedding designer.

Gradually, over time we have many freelancers who are always on board for our events.

AVSAR has shaped me into an altogether different person and most importantly my love and my life that is my husband and my daughter (just turned 5) are always there to support me and are my inspiration to work more and more.

So guys if you really want to enjoy your event, your day, leave all preparations to us and we will make it a dream come true for you…

In the future, I visualize AVSAR to work internationally and be a brand, that each of you can trust.

Divya Solanki

Divya Solanki

I am Divya Solanki. We are a family of 3; me, my husband Jitendra; and my cute little daughter Reet. They are my backbone. We enjoy each other’s company and prefer spending time together as a lazy day.  I love beautiful and creative things and respect people who value themselves and people around them.


  1. Niyati

    We always appreciate ur work which is unique and beautiful….u r a pretty person and work reflects ur beutiful dreams…..

  2. Mona Dutt

    Wow awesome dear 👍
    My good wishes r always with u
    Love u 😘😘💐💐

  3. Gaurav

    Amazing person. Avsar was an integral part of my wedding. Divya has been a great friend hereafter.

  4. Harprit Baweja

    Superb Divya…You are awesome..
    Keep it up….

  5. Nikhil Anand

    Congratulations Divya! Glad to see where AVSAR has come to over the years.

  6. Pooja

    Divya is very good at her work and gets coonected very well.

    Fun 😍Yes

  7. Vital D. Gurpur

    We are eagerly expecting any inovating idias from you in your professional work….


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