Womenspiring Wednesdays

Stories of inspiring women to perk up your wednesdays

When calling calls nothing stops

I have always been a dance enthusiast and my passion for dancing was evident from a very early age. Hence, my mother started sending me for Bharatnatyam classes in my neighbourhood. With a strong classical base, I continued to nurture my passion...

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Designing dreams

a postgraduate in clothing and textiles, fortified for lectureship . I did lectureship for almost three years, found it boring, so left teaching job. As a hobby, I started embroidery and stitching project for home and friends. From...

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Changing Perceptions

Being a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, I emphasize that even though external appearance is only 10% change to any personality, it is a very crucial change to one’s personality because when the person looks good, he/she starts...

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I was born in the small city called Nasik in a middle-class family with rich moral values. Like any other daughter, I was close to my father. I believe I have imbibed all positive aspects of my personality from my father. My mother has a strong...

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The Dream Maker

I am Divya Solanki, a Science Graduate from Nagpur University not with star percentage, basically from Kanpur and now in Mumbai for last 10 years. Interesting thing is I was born on Valentine's Day which until class 10th I didn't know existed! Worked for...

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Follow your passion to live a life worth remembering

I was brought up by a single parent, I wanted to study and work hard. I wanted to succeed for all the struggle my mother put in bringing me up. I was a loner in childhood. Books and pen were my best friends. As a child, I loved writing poetry. Putting...

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