Womenspiring Wednesdays

Stories of inspiring women to perk up your wednesdays

Not a Wonderwoman, It’s me

My name is Pooja and I run a Food/Baking Blog at 2blissofbaking.com. That and Professional Food Photography is my current passion. An artist by training, I bake and photograph to please the palate and the eyes! In my space (the blog) you will see all my artisanal...

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Conquering depression through entrepreneurship

I started my venture surprisingly to tackle my mood swings in menopause phase to keep mind occupied and family life undisturbed. My elder son had gone for job and I became a lonely person slowly advancing towards depression.

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I am a story

I am a storyteller. Both my stories and my counseling come from practical life experiences and no professional knowledge, and maybe that’s why I feel no bounds at all to stick to any guidelines in either. So what my readers and my stranger friends get from me is pure honesty.

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Making an ordinary life extraordinary

I am often asked what I coach people for. To put it simply, I help people live an ordinary life! Most part of my life, I found people being coached to excel. On the contrary, I realized there was nobody to coach people to live a basic life.

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The Urban Farmer By Karma

I am Manasvini, an urban farmer by karma and a textile designer by profession. I love writing, reading and wildlife photography. This is all about my journey.

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